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The 5g architecture consists of all rans, aggregator, ip network, nanocore etc. The fraunhofer fokus open5gcore toolkit is a worldwide first practical implementation of the 3gpp 5g core network. Migration possibilities for nsa to sa 5g 5gc 5g nr ue lte radio 5g nr ue option 4 ue option 5 5gc lte radio epc option 3 epc option 3a epc option 3x 5gc source. Roles of the network functions nfs as specified in the current 3gpp r15 standards and the emerging r16 additions are discussed, including the interactions both within the 5gc and between the 5gc and the ngran. With oracle s nextgeneration 5g core operators can design a robust and scalable servicebased architecture sba signaling framework with bestinclass 5g network functions. Physical layer for 5g radio interface technologies.

The system comprising of a main user terminal and then a number of independent and autonomous radio access technologies. Through this, a genuine 5g core network can be used as parts of the testbeds. We will also cover 5g deployment scenarios from the specs as well as some of the informative web resources. Operator demand for 5g core spikes ahead of 2020 commercialization. Cisco s goal is to come up with 5g packet core solution that allows operators to make transition from 4g to 5g in a graceful stepbystep manner. The 3rd generation partnership project 3gpp covers telecommunication technologies including radio access, core transport networks. Each of the radio access methods explained below directly impacts specific components in the 5g core, so it is important to have a fundamental understanding of 5g radio prior to learning the 5g core. The proposed architecture addresses the performance bottlenecks and latency associated with the centralized control and data gateways used in todays mobile core networks. The journey to 5g core is not simple, though, and will imply a technology shift with the adoption of a new 3gpp defined network architecture servicebased architecture and new network functions built on cloud native technology. System architecture milestone of 5g phase 1 is achieved. This course presents the 5g system 5gs as defined by 3gpp, focusing on the functionalities of the 5g core 5gc network. Likewise, service providers can implement the advance technology to adopt the valueadded services easily.

Lte 4g network architecture lte core network mobile. Network slicing that provides dedicated networks according to service characteristics and multiaccess edge. This new core is fundamental to the commercial success of 5g because it will enable new service types and benefits from cloud economics. Introduce a cloudnative architecture to improve mobile core function. Your quick guide to network functions in 5gc ericsson. As nonstandalone mode gradually gives way to new 5g mobile network architecture deployments, careful planning and implementation will make this transition seamless for the user base. Cisco s goal is to come up with 5g packet core solution that allows operators to make transition from 4g to 5g in a. This paper explores the 3gpp 5g network architecture from release 15 phase 1 and how this will evolve with the introduction of next generation core ngc network.

However, these new 5g networks will coexist with the existing 4g ones for a long period of time. In fact, there is a school of thought that views the 5gc as ultimately a multiaccess core. Under the 5g system 5gsand ngran architectures, basic support for multicastbroadcast is expected to be introduced in rel17. Jul 15, 2019 5g core network architecture, network functions, and interworking by marcin dryjanski, ph. What 5g means for the radio access network ran white paper radio access networks rans, which link enduser equipment and the core network, are an essential part of new 5g network architectures. Network functions within the 5gc control plane shall only use servicebased interfaces for their interactions. This page describes 5g network architecture with its elements. Format pdf version kept on a specific network drive within etsi secretariat. The design of the core network is therefore influential on the overall system architecture and is fundamental to a 5g network. This paper presents a distributed core network architecture for use in future cellular systems. Fundamental requirements, enabling technologies, and operations management is split into five sections. Requirements for 5g core networks include significant enhancements in data processing to control highspeed communications and network slicing. Ieee 5g and beyond technology roadmap white paper5 finished. Once released, the ieee 5g and beyond technology roadmap will be periodically updated with forecasts for three, five, and 10year horizons.

In this second part of 15 mins with 5g we will start looking at the 3gpp specifications for 5g network architecture and learn how to refer the specs. In the past, operators executed such mapping in a manual manner on a. A distinct key feature of the 5g system architecture is network slicing. Nevertheless, we will assume that students are familiar with the 4g core, so this section will be taught in a fashion that constantly compares 5g core functions with an analogous 4g function. The 5g core is designed to support a servicebased network architecture, so it looks very different than the 4g core. It also mainly supports termination of n2 and n3 interfaces to the 5g core network for the control and user planes, respectively.

This approach eliminates expensive proprietary hardware, long upgrade cycles, customization, overprovisioning, and yearsinadvance budgeting that characterize. The introduction of a service based target architecture and the introduction of open apis for third party applications. This includes multicastbroadcast support at 5g core network 7and nrbased mixed mode ran8. Each network slice is an isolated endtoend network tailored to fulfil diverse requirements requested by a particular application. Core network evolution from epc to 5g core made easy ericsson. Core network assistance information for ran optimization. Pdu sessions and qos flows, core network architecture and components, network functions virtualization and finally network slicing. Here is the recorded version of our 5g core architecture webinar with speaker and senior apis trainer konrad budych.

In addition, software architecture and core functions should be redesigned by leveraging. When it comes to network architecture, endtoend e2e network. Open5gcore fundamental 5g core network functionality. With an endgame defined by a dual mode core network for both 5g epc and 5g core. While 4g core has evolved to 5g core, it gained some new capabilities and some functions are divided in to more functions but general architecture is. No onesizefitsall approach virtual networks network slices depending on use case requirements context awareness will offer the possibility to optimize the infrastructure and the services. A further improvement in the core network architecture is the collapse of the gtp gprs tunnelling protocol tunnel called s5, which appears between pgw and sgw in an lte evolved. Cloud native 5g core technology is a dramatic shift from the legacy networking paradigm. The core network provides functions such as authentication, session management, mobility management and forwarding of user data. Jan 24, 2019 in this video we discuss four focus areas. A distributed core network architecture for 5g systems and. Modularize architecture identify state variables study signals between functions combine modules network refactoring fig. This white paper focuses the servicebased architecture sba under development for 5gc and. Sep 18, 2019 here is the recorded version of our 5g core architecture webinar with speaker and senior apis trainer konrad budych.

Altran hiring hiring 5g core developer in bengaluru. Simplifies core network architecture to implement on demand. Different issues related to the physical deployment in the access, metro and core networks of the 5g network are discussed in section 5 while in section 6 we present software. Control plane is separated from the data plane and. The previous generation supported certain aspects of this with the functionality for dedicated core networks. Compared to this 5g network slicing is a more powerful concept and includes the whole plmn. Network services and apps 5g transformer 5g mobile transport platform for verticals 5g xcast broadcast and multicast communication enablers for the fifth generation of wireless systems 5gc 5g core 5gmonarch 5g mobile network architecture for diverse services, use cases, and applications in.

The emergence of cloud forced the architecture of 5g core to undergo revolutionary changes. This white paper focuses the servicebased architecture sba under development for 5gc. Ieee 5g and beyond technology roadmap white paper 3gpp and lte are trade marks of etsi registered for the benefit of its members and of the 3gpp organizational partners. Instead of serving only a handful of applications and device types, mavenirs 5gc networks supports practically everything from every consumer, enterprise and industrial applications, including. The sa network will still interoperate with the existing. Pdu sessions and qos flows, core network architecture and components, network functions virtualization and finally network.

This report investigates a critical part of the 5g system architecture. Manager data platforms planning, du mba, pmp april, 2019 1. The reference point representation is defined as a good old way architecture, known from the previous mobile generations. The 5g architecture is defined as servicebased and the interaction between network functions is represented in two ways. The interaction between network functions in the 5gc is envisaged in the following two ways, per the 3gpp. Having a highlevel understanding of what 5g entails can help make it easier to manage expectations when developing a 5g ran. The first network deployment mode is referred to as standalone. The underlying drivers behind 5g core innovation are sba, stateless, network slicing and common core. It mirrors in a prototype form the 3gpp release 15 for the core network functionality and its integration with 5g new radio standalone and nonstandalone. May 18, 2018 the distribution of core network functions closer to radio networks and endcustomers. Apr 11, 2019 5g core architecture is significantly modified from the 4g architecture it splits, merges and adds core functions to better separate the control and data planes. A key network function nf of sba is the network repository function nrf, which provides nf service registration and discovery, enabling nfs to identify appropriate services in one another. Mavenirs 5g core network architecture transforms digitization efforts for csps through featurerich and highly scalable, intelligent and automated cloud infrastructure implementation. The 5g core standardization should define a functional architecture where implementation technologies can be evolved and replaced over time.

It will have both the new 5g air interface, new radio nr, and 5g core 5gc in place. Sba provides a set of loosely coupled services enabling modularity and reuse, allowing csps to be more agile and enabling rapid service delivery. Gsm, the global system for mobile communication, is a registered trade mark of the gsm association. A fully distributed architecture for the mobile core is re. A standalone 5g network provides the user an endtoend 5g experience. The paper starts with a discussion about interworking between lte and 5g then explores. Feb 22, 2019 the major difference with 5g core 5gc compared to epc is that 5gcs control plane cp functions interact in a servicebased architecture sba. Architecture of 5g is highly advanced, its network elements and various terminals are characteristically upgraded to afford a new situation.

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