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Dino, tsuna, gokudera, yamamoto c amano akira colouring. All rights belong to the akira amano i make no money from this. It was given to him by reborn shortly before the kokuyo arc. Also, it would be nice if i could see at least a sample before i pay for anything. Were a group for fans of the yaoi katekyo hitman reborn pairing gokudera hayatoyamamoto takeshi. See more ideas about hitman reborn, hitman, reborn katekyo hitman. For more khr scanlations from me, please visit ggscans. Hitman reborn gokudera gokudera hayato from katekyo. Kateikyoushi hitman reborn consultation manga scans page 1 free and. Rebornhibari, yamamotohibari i know that second one isnt on. Does anyone know where i can find english katekyo hitman reborn doujinshi scans. I missed making bleach icons, so i made a few and pondered on when. Khr yamamoto x gokudera doujinshi jitterbug youtube. It was still cold and the ice in the water was still in its shape so you concluded that the person who did these.

Specifically, im trying to see if anyone still has a copy of the teams scanlation and would be willing to share it. Gokudera hayatoyamamoto takeshi works archive of our own. It seems like all their download links have been taken down and the team has. If ya dont know wht tht means its fic bout gokudera x tsuna from katekyo hitman reborn and yes, its canon yaoi pairing but the anime is shounen. See more ideas about reborn katekyo hitman, hitman reborn and anime. Khr doujinshi virginia 8059 doujinshi bunny to black. Dont forget to join at squalo scans to be able to download all our releases. All credit goes to the doujin author and the group decimo luce full credits are included in the video yaoi dont flag. Anyone know where i can find katekyo hitman reborn.

Read 77 galleries with group yamamoto on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader. The reader will read such experiences that involve, first meeting to marriage proposal, thus living your whole life with a certain character of your choice or even all of them if you wish. The wall x gokudera i shit you not, dino x gokudera direct. English yamamoto and gokudera, back home after a long mission, take a bath together. Gokudera hayato yamamoto takeshi 833 hibari kyouyasawada tsunayoshi 40 gokudera hayatosawada tsunayoshi 29 superbi squaloxanxus 26 gokudera hayatohibari kyouya 25 sasagawa kyoukosawada tsunayoshi 20 rebornsawada tsunayoshi 20 dinohibari kyouya 20 hibari kyouyarokudou mukuro 19 rokudou mukurosawada tsunayoshi 15.

Gokudera hayato x yamamoto takeshi find images and videos about art, drawing and manga on we heart it the app to get lost in what you love. Im trying to see if anyone still has a copy of the teams scanlation and would be. At the side, there should be a manga search type in hitman reborn doujinshi, and there will be a list of doujinshis. English yamamoto is uneasy because although he and his teacher gokudera are in a relationship, he fears his more experienced lover is playing with him.

Before receiving the shigure kintoki or learning the shigure soen ryu, takeshi used a bat that, when swung at 300 km per hour, transforms into a katana shigure kintoki. When tsuna asked gokudera over to help him with his homework, he never expected to have it suddenly turn into a love confession of sorts. Sorry for the lack of updating, we are very busy with real life. If you click on any of them, if they have been scanlated, there will be a latest release column, click search for all releases of this series. In which gokudera plays the guitar instead of the piano. I dont own katekyo hitman reborn, nor its characters. Glass moon yaoi dont flag hard yaoi its sooper funny xd enjoy. Click here for the masterlist complete with download links. The wall x gokudera i shit you not, dino x gokudera direct quote from scanlator. Sometimes, gokudera wonders if yamamoto does these things just to screw with him, or if hes really stupid enough to believe that being in the mafia is a roleplaying game.

Gokudera, yamamoto, shamal, tsuna, other khr cast yamagoku8059 ratingwarnings. Where can i read yaoi doujinshi scans of katekyo hitman. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Yes, i finally uploaded a doujinshi that maybe someone might have wanted to see. Download youtube to yamagoku 8059 candy candy part. A katana inherited by his father, before his battle for the rain ring. Doujinshi by middle range r18 summer vacation yamamoto x gokudera katekyo hitman reborn. Vongolas sin sawada tsunayoshi, hayato gokuderay yamamoti. Yamamoto x gokudera 8059 when gokudera injures himself retrieving tsunas homework, yamamoto carries him to the infirmary, where he reveals an unknown perverted side.

Doujinshi by eternal snow r18 law of love yamamoto x gokudera katekyo hitman reborn. A tranquil town in the countryside during the middle of summer hanamichi, a very curious and vigorous boy discovers a strange creature sleeping in the nearby forest. English 8059 drink it down tlyyamamoto x tlygokudera katekyo hitman reborn. Doujinshi by mista r21 moebious yamamoto x gokudera katekyo hitman reborn. You went back to sleep untill the sun has fully set. Khr yamamoto x gokudera doujinshi taikan ondo youtube. It seems like all their download links have been taken down and the team has been inactive for.

Reborn yaoi doujinshi yamamoto x gokudera sekai wa. This doujin has a nice story, so i decide do a scanlation. Hey guys, i just recently got back into khr and im looking for a doujin called sweetest taboo. English its valentines day, and gokudera thinks that he looks like a woman that spread his legs to a man. Manga is the japanese equivalent of comics with a unique style and following. I said unusual because i never watch the anime but i ship sourin from free too hard xd it so sudden, i dont know when exactly i became sourin trash lol so, to quench this thirst for sourin i want to scanlated this doujin but the process might be slow due to rl again, but ive started the translation about 55% done. Read manga mint manga dorama tv libre book find anime self manga self lib grouple. Fanworks for 8059, yamagoku, yamamoto x gokudera, katekyou hitman reborn. A boyfriend scenario story which involves the reader in different situations with various characters from the show katekyo hitman reborn. Nitro koutetsu boku no te ga yasashii to nakunara katekyo hitman reborn. This is the 5th installment in my ongoing series, across the universe master post. English gokudera is prepared to go all the way as a birthday present to yamamoto. Yamagoku 8059 doujinshi with 8059 gr doujinshi color by samejeh.

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